“Does Culture really eat strategy for Breakfast?”

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Does Culture really eat Strategy for breakfast?

The phrase originated by Peter Drucker and made famous by Mark Fields, President at Ford, is viewed as generally being valid.

However, while many studies show there is a direct correlation between a healthy, productive culture and a company’s bottom line, the majority of companies spend little time thinking, let alone doing anything about their own company culture – even when they’re spending lots of time thinking about their business strategy.


Company culture is a hard thing to get right. It’s a moving target that means something different to everyone. It grows and evolves over time and is the result of action and reaction.

A good exercise for all high performing teams is to list the words that describe your culture. At VERDE we can describe our culture with the following words:

Can-do attitude, honest & transparent , Innovative, Fun, trust & respect

To foster & grow this company culture we do things like:

Empower team members to make decisions putting the customer’s interests first.

Have weekly spotlight meetings – this is 15min meeting on any topic related to the company or industry. This facilitates shared learning and allows everyone the opportunity to have an input on a wide variety of topics.

Sports & social club. We started a sports and social club in the company 2 years ago where we have a fund for all team outings and events such as celebrating everyone’s birthday, go karting, sea safaris, gaming nights, gigs, dinner & drinks and so on.

It’s a great way for everyone to bond informally and for the company to express gratitude to the team for all the hard work they do. Its important not to lose perspective on life and remember that its all about the great experiences we can share with each other which ultimately leads to personal fulfillment and a more productive team.


Maintaining cultural coherence across an organisation should be an essential factor when determining a corporate strategy.

There’s no doubting how crucial company culture is (I’m a big believer!) but without a decent strategy its no good. The impact of culture on a company’s success is only as good as its strategy is sound.

Is culture eating strategy for breakfast at your company?

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