VERDE LED Recognise that customers want the best quality product at a competitive price while minimising their capital exposure.

The VERDE solution is not about sending out a quick quotation. VERDE liaise with clients to ensure that the best lighting proposal is offered, not only optimising light and comfort levels but ensuring that the maximum grants and subsidies are made available towards the project.

Finance Options:

VERDE LED will also endeavour to ensure that clients can source funding for projects and have options for finance ‘off balance sheet’. With the attractive return on capital a positive cashflow will be generated.

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Project Subsidy options:

All VERDE LED product is registered with the SEAI Triple E scheme

This enables clients to get grants 35-40% under different subsidy programmes.

Energy credits under the ECOS

Accelerated Capital Allowances Scheme (ACA Scheme)

SEAI SME Grant scheme



VERDE LED products are registered with the Carbon Trust. This ensures that clients can avail of subsidies in Northern Ireland and the UK.

VERDE LED have a distributor network across the world who submit our product quality certification to ensure that finance and subsidies are available to our clients. For more information contact us and we will direct you to our Distribution Partner in your area.