Is Technology Killing Productivity?

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Is technology killing productivity?

This is a question that raised it’s head on a recent business trip to South Africa to meet a customer of ours. The person in question will be retiring in a few months time so we got talking about how the workplace has evolved over the course of his career. He was in the same industry his whole 40+ yr career, Utilities, so I was fascinated to see how he felt things had changed during that time.

I imagined technology must have had a huge impact as this guy would have seen the introduction of the PC, email, internet, smartphones, etc. In my head I was thinking of how he would tell me how the introduction of all these technologies made his life easier and work more productive. His response was a real eye opener!

He figured that over his 40 year career he became more connected along with all his colleagues. Having instant access to emails, calls, news & social media. However, he thought all of this came at a cost to productivity because in the last 10 years of his career he had more distractions than ever and because everyone expected instant responses to all queries he spent most of his day juggling queries rather than spending most of his day focused on his core work.

To him he felt everybody feels busier now than 20 or 30 years ago but actually not getting any more work done (probably less) because of all these ‘’distractions’’ . I wasn’t shocked that he felt we have too many distractions but I guess I was shocked that he felt we have become less productive overall.

I’m a big believer in that time is your most valuable commodity so don’t waste it cos you can’t get it back!

Getting some time management skills training will instantly boost your productivity and something I highly recommend to anyone who says they are too busy to do anything productive. We have a big issue on our hands in the modern workplace where people are addicted to technology and ‘’distractions’’ and are simply wasting away hours every day checking Facebook, YouTube, apps & non business related websites. There is also the email addiction where people sit in front of a computer clicking refresh constantly to hear the ping of a mail.

Are you kidding yourself claiming to be busy but engaging in tech distractions?

How are you going to change to become more productive?

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