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Highlighting the advantages of LED Lights in Car Parks

There are many reasons why lighting car parks with LED’s is a good idea.  LED Lighting can provide some excellent energy saving and aesthetic opportunities. These are often missed as car parks tend to be treated as an afterthought, after a new building has been designed.  This is a pity because the first point of contact a person has approaching the building or company is the car park!

Some of the advantages of lighting car parks with LEDs are in the form of security, design and efficiency


Car Parks need to be safe in every aspect.  From preventing unwanted attention from thieves and burglars, to the protection of pedestrians/customers walking back to their cars.  People who use car parks must be safe but also feel safe whilst they are using the car park.

Good uniformity with lighting will improve the appearance in car parks and will also help people moving in/out of their cars.  Car park lighting is a factor that might also be helpful toward lowering the risk of criminal activity.  With better lighting, there are less dark, or badly lit areas and this should deter thieves who want to stay out of sight before potentially performing a break in.  Good uniform lighting also creates a safer environment for employees who might be working late or for customers using the car park.



Installation of LEDs in a car park will also create a better sense of environment and design.  Installing LED lights will give the building and business a higher professional status, as it shows that thought has been given to every aspect of the building from the very first time the person enters a building to when they leave.

It is very important to design the car parks so that light will come from several directions and that badly lit areas are reduced.  Thought should also be given when preparing the lighting design of any areas that need special attention.  For example, if there is a CCTV system in place, the lighting must be carefully designed so it wont block or dazzle their line of sight.  An important factor to consider is also corrosion resistance and IP ratings of the light fittings that may be used.

On a global level, illuminance levels providing an average of 75 lux across the parking floors are required, with higher levels on ramps, corners and intersections, and this should be taken into consideration at the lighting design stage

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Car Park Lighting Design


LED technology is highly efficient, and it is fundamentally changing the future of lighting.  With energy-efficient LEDs and smart control technology up to 80% of running costs can be saved

This also includes reduced maintenance costs as the fittings last longer, most up to 50,000 running hours, so less time spent replacing them  To further maximise savings, it is very important to find optimum lux levels for the area.  Too high and you will be over lighting an area and wasting money on extra fittings and too low may cause a health and safety risk.

Furthermore, car parks are often used sporadically throughout the day and most are empty for most of the night.  So, instead of completely switching off the lights, or leaving them to work all night, a better solution is to dim the fittings to quite a low level and install sensors.  With that, lighting can be brought up to full brightness when movement is detected.



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