Our Strategy is your Strategy ?

Strategy 300x200 - Our Strategy is your Strategy ?22nd May 2019

All strategies have worked at some point, under specific circumstances, with specific clients. As sales professionals we have strategies for prospecting, making appointments, presenting, handling objections, closing etc etc.

In complex selling circle, I have found there is no right or wrong strategy.

There is choices – Choices that may or may not be applicable for a situation, professional sales persons have a portfolio of experience to draw from. To build a strong team I believe in sharing and learning from our successes and failures with regular strategy catch ups with your team. We must educate our teams to develop their own choices.

Organise your next sales strategy meeting, sell it to your team, get them focused, not a performance meeting, this is a meeting to discuss the choices made, sharing how the win was secured, focusing on discovering the client, qualifying the client, the conversations, and closing the sale.

This time can also be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in the team, agree a plan to address and resolve, what is currently influencing business segments, what is our client’s motivation and of course your competitive advantages.

What is currently influencing our industry and motivating our clients is our government’s implementation of a Carbon Tax. The State faces paying a €100m bill in just over one years time for failing to meet legally binding climate change targets. Failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a 2020 deadline is expected to incur a bill ranging from €6m to €13m, while a shortfall in achieving renewable energy targets could cost up to €90m.

Analysis published by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland suggests we will achieve between 12.7pc and 13.9pc of our 16pc renewable energy target by 2020 which in a “worst case” scenario will involve the purchase of renewable credits at a cost of some €90m or more. The International Energy Agency has recommended that Ireland implement automatic upward adjustments of carbon taxes on specific sectors missing carbon emissions reduction targets over the next decade.

Carbon Tax will happen, at what level I do not know. What I do know, if you don’t have a strategy you should consider your choices. Do nothing or engage with a company that can help you, a company who can share their experiences, their successes.

Apart from the economic impact this tax may have on your business, what is your motivation?

Strategy is still what it has always been, the art of taking action under the pressure of the most difficult conditions.

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Written By: Daran Smith, Commercial Director

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