“Own your Savings”

PCH3 1030x585 - "Own your Savings"The biggest barrier to progressing energy efficient projects has always been around budgets & funding.

Everybody wants to save money & energy but people can be slow at times to make decisions due to the costs involved.
This really shouldn’t be a barrier as there are many options available for financing energy efficiency projects.

The one caveat I have for organisations is to ensure that they compare the total cost of finance when weighing up their decision. Some offers of “shared savings” where the vendor carries the cost of the project can appear attractive at the outset but in reality usually end up costing the client multiples of the project value had they paid for it with their own Capital instead .

Straight financing or leasing is the most straight forward option for funding the project where the total cost of funding is transparent.

However, if budgets allow then the cheapest way is always to purchase projects outright and own 100% of the savings from day one.

Most businesses have huge potential for untapped energy savings so when the opportunity presents itself make sure to own as much of those savings as possible.(Check out our recent case studies)
Remember there is no such thing as a free lunch!

Verde LED 080 150x150 - "Own your Savings"John Keohane – Director VERDE LED

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